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CommScope Fiber Module Adapter Label Extenders

Region: Global
CommScope offers two new labeling kits, which provide additional labeling space when MPO modules are used in the fiber module adapter. These kits include a label extender device which can be mounted onto the fiber module adapters and can accept industry standard adhesive labels of 6 mm width. The kits are available in four packs of gray or black.

Product References:
760243426 - CPP-FMAE-KIT-4PK GRY
760243427 - CPP-FMAE-KIT-4PK BLK



16-port multiband antenna with independent RET input for beamforming array

Region: NAR
The new 16-port multiband antenna, RRZZT4-65A-R5-V2, is equipped with 4 low band ports designated for 698–960 MHz use, 4 ports for 1427–2690 MHz use and 8 ports for 2300–2690 MHz that includes optimized column spacing for beamforming support. The 5 internal RETs on this sector antenna provide independent electrical tilt control for each array. The antenna’s RET system is re-configurable to support antenna sharing capability from two separate RET compatible controllers.

Product References:

14-port hybrid FDD/TDD antenna

Region: Global
Leveraging CommScope’s multiband technology, this hybrid FDD/TDD antenna, RVVT4-65D-R4, is the first in family that supports existing 4G/3G services, plus 2.4/2.6 GHz 8T8R beamforming. Benefits include:

  • Enables maximizing efficiency on existing bands, while adding 8T8R beamforming capability on 2.4/2.6 GHz within the same standard antenna size — addressing tower loading challenges
  • Very well optimized for Software Defined Split Sector applications on 2.4/2.6 GHz and preloaded with Internal Smart Bias-T at Calibration port to support all RAN vendors
  • Internal RET system supports using two separate RET compatible OEM radios and allows reconfiguration on certain bands per radio for antenna sharing

Product References:



Matrix Ribbon Fiber Cables

Region: Global
CommScope now offers an alternative family of competitive standard matrix ribbon fiber cables.

Product References:
Gel-Filled Central Tube Ribbon Cables
All-Dielectric, Arid-Core, Dry Central Tube Ribbon Cables


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